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2013 Bucket List

1. Learn Driving (which is i’m not done it by last year)

2. Finish my degree with excellent result (3.5-4 flat)

3. Buy a quality camera (Nikon @ Canon)

4. Get more design project (especially from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE)

5. Yes , still improving my languages skill (English & Arabic)

6. Build new home for mom (Theme: Islamic)

7. Non stop learning, practising any good knowledge

8. Travel to Bali (searching, research, new experience, connecting people)

9. Art project (Arabic Calligraphy)

10. Saving money

11. Property

12. Apply for Master Studies

13. Travel to Penang, Kedah (Langkawi Island), Perlis

14. Set up Clothing line (Family Dreams)

15. Go back Thailand for Eid.

16. Better Muslimah

17. Help my family

18. Learn fashion + sewing

19. Propose Islamic Design for thesis proposal for final year. (changed) > Thai Restaurant

20. Improve my photography skill

21. Handle design project my own self

22. Be good in networking and marketing

23. Register for FD company and continue Myyaarc Venture bussines certificate (SSM)

24. Start write a book

25. read at least 4 books every month

26. Bangkok

27. A+ for interior design

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