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Nov Cooking Challenge 2014

Fresh food + Homemade Cooking 2014
Fresh food + Homemade Cooking 2014

So this is my challenge to cook at home. Fresh food with homemade. I love it. Let see and check about this challenge.  About this challenge i extend it and made cooking as my daily life activity. I experiment with new recipes every new day. (If you like to ask me the recipes, feel free to ask, i will share you :))


1. White Rice + Sambal Udang (Inovate Recipe)
2. Chicken Spaghetti
3. Steam Fish + White Rice + Budu

4. Nasi Lemak with Sambal Bilis

5. Sweet Chicken Tomato + Rice

6. Fried Meehun

7. Chicken Soup

8. Sambal Bilis

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