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Study and Working

Study in the university
Study in the university

Hi all, i just want share you my experience of my master studies. Currently i am doing my master studies in UiTM Perak. While i am working as lecturer in the same university, i also study. Sometimes, i feels that it’s bit hard for me to focus study. I want advise you if you want continue study, you better focus on study and don’t do other things. Otherwise it might bother your life. By the way, seems there is no other way to do good in your study unless focus and keep it up, to study daily, read and write. My master is by research based. Whatever you want do, just do it. Focus. I have about 1 year to finish my master studies. I also need to polish my English writing skill. I hope that in few months, i can write well in English. In shaa Allah. In few days, i will have my birthday which is on 20 February. I doaa that whatever i planned, in shaa Allah.. Allah make it on their way, achieve one by one. Ameen. I am positive for whatever things i think and do. 🙂

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