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Stay Pretty, Be Educated, Dress Well and Get Money

Be yourself.
Be yourself

Hi my dear readers,

Welcome to my new post. It is March already. How is going so far everything? Mine, i am studying and improving everything from A to Z. It is about 9 months to finish my master study. My thesis progress a bit slow, maybe after i buy some books, it is gonna be faster. In shaa Allah. I learn a lot in last  February until now, from self-development, work, fashion, love life  etc. Whatever it is, i am grateful for it. Sometimes, life is about changing our self for the better. A person can be an ALARM for us when we lose our track. This March, i committed to writing on my thesis, teaching, improving myself (body, mind, heart and all). 29 years old as matured girl, you are independent to do and to think for your own good. A good man is a person who can understand you when you not even say a word and respect as for who you are. May for the next month, i want see my product in market. Do it now. Don’t delay Salmiah! All the best luck for all of us, in shaa Allah. Till we will meet again for my next post. 😉


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  1. Nice Blogging Salmiah

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