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Basic Form


D e s i g n & S u s t a i n a b i l i t y

I keep questioning myself, what i am really looking for? I think the term was not right when the expert asked me (or maybe because of my English too :p?), “So, what is actually you wanna do?”

Finally, Alhamdulillah. I feel good. I’m at right side and i know what i am doing. I believe a good knowledge is variety, it could be anything that’s will benefits our life. My area is about innovation (invention and it’s applications). I also believe a good knowledge required high level of critical thinking. You just have to defend yourself for what you are believe in. We are student of life. In shaa Allah, we will find the answer. Keep on searching. 🙂

“attractiveness isn’t considered essential to sustainability” (Lance Hosey, The Shape of Green)
“It’s all about basic form of things.” (Anonymous, extract from The Shape of Green by Lance Hosey)

My definition of the shape of green is design with simplicity. Make it simple, make it easy. Make it economic. Less waste.


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