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Blog Update

Taman Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur. My beautiful day with my best freind last 2 weeks.

Again, I’m here. :). I am thinking that, to update my blog weekly. I hope I will fulfill my own promise for this. Hope so! I also will regularly keep myself busy with healthy living such as jogging, walking, drinking plain water, more fruits, no oily food, I mean fresh food. NO JUNK FOOD. :D. So this September’s tasks:

  1. To finish my design for Mini Structure Competetion UiTM+MRCB Collaboration
  2. Prepare for Intention To Submit, my thesis, data collection
  3. Case Studies – Modular Home in Pahang
  4. Settle on Get ArtFraming by Salmiah Aziz
  5. Settle on Scholarship 🙂

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