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My Resolution for 2016


Hi to my dear readers,

Happy New Year to all of you, so today, i just have time to update my blog. Just a few words only from me but that’s okay. As i am working in Brunei currently, i just learning new culture, new environment, new people. Thanks God, all is well, it has been 2 months already. How fast. I have few big goals for this year. I just really hope to achieve it. I hope you guys to be inspire and working hard to get whatever you want in life. Things will come easy when we work for it.

So here is the list for my 2016:

  • To finish my research on Modular Construction in Malaysia
  • Saving-Money Freedom
  • Travel to Europe
  • Gift for my mom-Umrah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  • Home Renovation
  • Car License
  • My Personal and Bussines Website
  • My Own Brand (Furniture, Lighting)
  • Enjoying nature
  • To get it done all ABOVE ! šŸ˜€

Enjoy your day! Until see you again next time. If you have anything to share, please feel free to contact me. Let’s make our life great and peaceful <3


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