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TOP 10 things I be grateful for in APRIL

My 1st framed Artwork Artwork Title: Pohon Tak Layu Materials: Marker Pen


Hi my dear reader,

Comeback for the GOOD. šŸ˜€

So yeah, I’ll update my blog 4 times in a month. The things I’ll update more on my artwork, grateful things, design and motivation.

It has been 4 months we are in 2016, what is the thing you already achieved so far?

For me, the things I grateful for as listed below:

  1. Working as Interior Design/Graphic Designer in Kuala Lumpur
  2. Handling furniture and interior design projects
  3. Started to do framing for my artwork
  4. Started to go gym and practise healthy diet
  5. Explore abstract painting
  6. Explore decor material to start my own brand of furniture design and artistic stuff
  7. Be discipline
  8. Started my final semester of my Master study (I can finish it by this year, I believe it, in shaa Allah)
  9. Love myself more
  10. I am so grateful I wrote this… having my Myyaarc Blog… (hope will upgrade this blog to website in June)

I hope every of you who read my blog keep doing whatever you love in life. Follow your passion, do work sincerely and may your dream come true. šŸ™‚



Salmiah Aziz

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