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My Grateful Things in 2016

  1. Work as Interior Designer (gain some more experience in design field)
  2. Manage design projects
  3. Work on my thesis in Modular Construction System (Building Design)
  4. Traveled to Turkey (really it is big and beautiful country).
  5. Started work on my art painting collection, I prefer to draw abstract art and my inspirations were from Geometry and Nature.
  6. Create and curated my own bedroom for studio and rest 😀 . I will upload it here once I finished it all. Okay… 🙂
  7. Sure, I’m be glad I’m after a few years I started blogging since 2012. Been 4 years. Yay I should post my writing regularly right?
  8. Established my Insta for Online Gallery, you should go visit it @salmiah_aziz_galeria
  9. Stay motivated
  10. Looking forward for great 2017 for me and all of you who reading this. Take Care!

*Photo: Sample of my art collection inspired from Nature



Meya (Friday, 2.06am, 9.12.2016)





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