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30 Things I Love

Here I’m just to write a bit of love..

  1. Love yourself
  2. Love your mom
  3. Love your study
  4. Love your diet
  5. Love your books
  6. Love your freinds
  7. Love your small kids
  8. Love your older one beside you
  9. Love your beautiful kitten
  10. Love your cute journal book
  11. Love your kind and generous heart
  12. Love your lovely and and politeness to everyone around you
  13. Love your clean clothes and well appearance
  14. Love everyone who always supporting you no matter how hard storm pass by
  15. Love last year, this year and next year
  16. Love whatever table you have to do your works
  17. Love your bed even if it little hard
  18. Love your laptop and phone (Its for you for how many years already)
  19. Love your interest no matter its for art or travel how far you go such for travelling, adventure and nature.
  20. Love your little time that’s you have here… Appreciate for everyone around you.
  21. Love your happiness you have within you.. don’t let it go.
  22. Love your faith that’s you have for your God (Allah swt)
  23. Love your art and design you did it before and for future plan of your conceptual design
  24. Love your colorful room
  25. Love your sweet and sad memory you have within you and with freinds
  26. Love your little time for sleep… whenever you woke up late.
  27. Love you future plan for strive for happiness, greatness and be succesful in any field you do.
  28. Love your art projects
  29. Love your instinct
  30. Love what I’m doing right now…. and the most important is love your smile. Never let it fade. 🙂

Extra love, the photo below is Trem (Red) in Beyoglu, Istanbul. I snapped it last month while my trip there. I ‘m happy here.. Like my heart in this beautiful land.


Meya (8.46pm/11.12.2016/Sunday/Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia)

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