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My Travel List for 2017 and NEXT


To Explore Europe. 

I know this is a bit challenging to me as it is really far away from my country land. 🙂

But why not to give a try for this wonderful journey ^^/

Below is the list place/country I would love to visit and explore

1. Black Sea

2. Bulgaria

3. Macedonia

4. Albania

5. Italy (<3)

6. Switzerland

7. France (<3)

8. Spain (<3)

9. England

10. Norway (<3)

11. Iceland

12. Sweden

13. Finland (<3)

14. Germany (<3)

15. Netherland

16. Belgium

17. Austria

18. Crotia

19. Bosnia (<3)

20. Greece (<3)

“First you dreams, then you do your dreams” (Salmiah Aziz)

The symbol <3 i put beside the countries selected is my favourite place I would like to go! 😀

Wish me luck people. I wish you the same also. Thank You

In shaa Allah

Photo: Map of Europe continent



Meya (9.32pm/11.12.2016/Sunday/Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia)

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