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My 2017 is for Happy Year


Dear all,


How’s things with you? I hope we all doing great. In shaa Allah. Just to write a bit moment of happiness … I think we all searching of happiness in everything we do daily. At work, study, doing things we love and many aspects some more.

Why we search for this happiness? For me.. first of feeling great is we do things we love to find happiness and be grateful always. Try to be kind everyday even it is simple act to the kid like we give what we eat instead just eat that alone. Might be that kid is total stranger but for me, I feel great when i did share the food with the kids. This what I practiced to be happy and stay happy. Once we share, we will feel great and glad because we did one act of kindness. This make us human.

Like doing the things we love. This is like force and a motivation to us to stay consistence in our study or doing job. In this life, we have choice to do what we wanted. If we choose to be happy then we will. It is deep feelings inside say that “I want be happy, I want do good, I want help his/her… Yes, I love do this, Yes, I can… and bla bla bla all good”. Like today when I write this, I just to find some serenity.. I really don’t know what I will write, what’s the topic.. but when I think the joy .. It is my target. Suddenly… i just write this happy write up post :). Hehe.. Alhamdulillah (Thanks Allah/God).

So yes, I’m looking forward for HAPPY 2017. Happy in work, happy in study, happy stay home, happy do 3mal,  happy social, happy writing, happy designing, happy travel, happy to explore, happy do saving, happy doing business, happy to build my company.. yes I have company do art things. ^^/

Recently, I’m learning cooking. More on Malay food.. I’m thinking that to learn cook cake and cookies. Seems interesting. I started selling Nasi Lemak Malaysia (Traditional Malay food) since a few months ago. It was fun do that. I’m checking some more dishes .. which simple but delicious to learn such as Nasi Ulam.. or Nasi Ayam. maybe. Will see if I can learn it well, in shaa Allah.

About my study, really I need to work on it. Need much patience doing that. Just almost there, almost finish. I have thesis submission at the end of the month .. Ya Allah, I hope really all be good. I have like 10 % more to finish my writing up for the thesis. In shaa Allah.

In short, I want story all here for the grateful things and my motivation to keep me on track always for my journey. In shaa Allah, I will continue my writing in next post… I hope that I will share more great news coming soon. Aamiin.

Thanks for reading and checking up my blog too! <3

Photo: I set up booth at a modelling competetion in Kuala Lumpur. It was such great experience for me to promote my artwork and my business. 🙂

Meya (1020pm/18.12.2016/Sunday/Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia)

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