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Modular Construction System (MCS) in Malaysia



Just to chit chat on MCS in Malaysia. Currently I’m doing my master studies in Green Architecture. I do love this MCS subject as it is related to green and sustainability. My major on home design using this MCS.

In this subject, I specified my study on form and space planning (green shape). I did search on how in the history the shape of architecture began and been developed. What I found is the most famous shape for architectural design was rectangular and square shape. This is famous because of its flexibility and rational reason why it is should be rectangular. Le Corbusier introduced The Modular for his architectural design .. which it was related with Golden Section. This rule is really important in architectural design as the outcome gave effect to human eyes and functionality of the building itself.

If we see all the buildings we experienced of straight shape, yes maybe we will found some round and corner or even angle .. but this is not much. In architectural design, Golden Section or we call it Natural Law of Design (my subject), it can effect our human eyes… the building is proportion or not, beautiful or not, attractive or not. Because the lack of using this rules in design will affected of human healthy for living. This what I found from the research of Nikos A. Salingaros. He is architectural theorist which has been doing many research in architectural design.  By rectangular shape, the design be more economical, easy for constuction (in the factory and site) and transportation, green and safe time for production.

In Malaysia, MCS is still new. But this alternative of design system is welknown because of its versatility and very “in” to the current market . I have seen a few projects which using containers for its design such as hotel, chalet, resort, housing, office, mall, and some more private resident in the forest. What I can expect is this design system can go far in Malaysia as we have available resources to do it by our own, not just to export the materials from other country.  Any personal can design their own suite by this compact design. The home design using MCS such as container or customized module can be transport to any location whether in the city (top roof), in the jungle, or even in the island. It can be transport by the road, water and air. That’s why I called this MCS is versatile design. It is because it can match with any complicated way of transport which other contsruction system some more is a bit difficult to do it.

In Malaysia also the issue of affordable housing became so crucial. This has been adressed in RMK-10 by our PM, Najib Razak to uplift housing project for rakyat. He said that the house should be sustainable design in its whole cycle of the project. Means started of its design, supposed the design should consider everything for its green system. He also addressed to give  the people of healthy living by the housing design. This issues should be remark in our architectural design not just for a house design include of office and other commercial aspect.

I will continue the writing about MCS for the next post. I hope to give more points why should we use and apply this system in the construction. =)

Have a good day.

Photo: My Thesis Gan Chart (if you want copy it, thats OK but please give my name a credit. Haha, thank you, Salmiah Aziz, 2015)


Photo: Example of the Modular Construction System (MCS) using container module. Sorry this photo I took from Google, I forgot who is the owner of design. If you know, please buzz me or do comment the owner name. Thank You 😀

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