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I’m comeback 😀

Sorry for has been long time no update. How’s everybody? I hope your year has been good so far. In shaa Allah. Currently I’m working on interior works and furniture design. Coming soon project for building design(conceptual).

Art and design is something we face and experience everyday wherever we go. Different culture they have different kind of art and interior. Like I’m Malay we sit on floor for eat and used my hand. This kind of culture will reflects how the interior design will look like. Norm life. Our routine.

I have wishes for this year to experience more different culture as I love to explore this kind of things. Interested to know more about Chinese culture :).

For past 2 months and half of this year, my norm life has been at work and doing for my thesis. I hope to have sometimes to do art painting.. to create a good and meaningful painting which long lasting. I hope <3

If you do read my post today, please feel free to share your idea, your experience, whether in art and design, culture, or any interested topic. I love to hear from you .. Maybe we can share the ideas and create something valuable from it. <3

Interior 1

Photo: Some id works in progress.. design development. My this year work.

Thank You



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