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December 15 today, how are you? :). I’ve good news to know that my younger sister got good result in her examination. Many congratulations to her and I hope she will achieve whatever she ever dream in future (might be withing 5 years I can see her with doctorate hat, why not? Just a wish and a good prayer for her. Congrats sister!

I’m welcome day on 2018 with a grateful heart of 2017. In this age, I hope I’ll be more aware of my health and dietary. As I’m looking forward to finish my thesis writing within this month, discuss it with my SV and my lecturers. As an Interior Designer, every day is learning steps for me to learn from furniture detailing(included designing parts of the furniture itself) to designing big stadium which my company supply for stadium seats.

This post as my gratitude writing to all what I did and what I have until this stage of life. Ups and down. We hope for good life. Yes, we are. Meeting good friends, having good family, dedicated teachers and going out with positive people around us.

Learning English trough blogging as my wish before why I started blogging a few years back (2012) while I’m still in my degree study. I believe I’m improving my English maybe not as British but I able to write thesis paper for conference (master) and formal emailing letter while at office work.  I hope that within 2-3 years I can see my blog flourish with good writing skills especially in term of my grammar and vocabulary.

I will let this blog as my journal to keep me motivated everyday. Have things to take care of like we grow the roses. I really hope that. 🙂

I remembered my late father used to pick a rose every morning and smell it then he put in his bed as his bed smell with roses / jasmine flower. 2-3 days he will get new fresh flower to replace it.

In short, I plan of develop my WordPress to website earlier next year as for business purposed.  Aspects included Art, Design, Fashion and Travelling. This in my mind currently. Pray for me also.

Thanks for reading. I shared you a picture of roses for keep us inspired from a beautiful nature how to see life beautifully. Take care



Mya, 1.25pm, Selangor.

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