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Designing A Scarf (Ideas)

Just think to design a scarf (as gift because she got good PT3 result, 11 A’s). Congrats sis, Latifah “comel“. Comel in Malay Language meaning cute. I’m collecting a few ideas from web to refer. I like the scarf below from Loro Piana with silk material. Print with Central Park. Casual look .

At the turn of the 19th century, the Loro Piana family opened its wool business and for decades they supplied haute couture houses with fine fabrics. Today the esteemed Italian company still creates its famous wool, along with its own impeccable designs for both men and women (

Gucci, GG modal silk scarf with Blooms print.
Gucci, GG modal silk scarf with Blooms print. (

As Gucci scarf above, using silk material and print with bloom flowers colour red and cream. I think this design suitable with my sister character. Bold, soft and natural.

Giorgio Armani 40th Anniversary Silk Scarf HKD 8,100
Giorgio Armani Limited Edition Sketch Scarf Celebrating 40th Anniversary (

Skecth scarf by Giorgio Armani is quietly lovely design. Printed with varied of fashion figure on it make the scarfs look  dope. The border in light pastel brown emphasised fashion sketches of the scarf.

TWO-TONE JACQUARD SCARF-Scarves-Accessories-WOMAN | ZARA United States (Pinterest)

The Zara scarf above looks thicker for Malaysia climate except to be wore in raining season or cold area. But I do like the furry effects on the edge of the scarf. I’m thinking if my sister would wear it if I add to scarf with minimal fur.  I will continue my writing later. 😀


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