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A few Things in December


Just to write today, I hope all is well at your side. 🙂

I’ve reading alot informations how to blog well included good topic write up, regular post, sharing in media sosial, and most important if we can share what we do in daily life (experience by yourself : hands on). Besides that, not to forget to share facts from other people/author (link) is important to make our post more genuine. These are simple tips and inputs which I could share from my read past 1,2 weeks ago about blogging.

Today just I am spending time at home. Not feeling well to go out, so I make simple exercises to feel better. Try to be positive each day in whatever I do is my ahead resolution.

I’m just thinking my blog more about sharing of what I do, what is in my mind, my thoughts, planning, if there is any input I could share I will do. This blog is my medium to share anything I wish for. I’ve read many blogs which so informative to share their expertise like cooking, arts, historical, motivation and self development, business tips… etc. These all inspire me to do better in my field which is more to art and design.

Could you just share with me if you have any fav blog to read also ? For me I like to follow Simply Luxurios blog. She has regular post by Friday. Her writing more on daily life, arts, fashion, cooking, interior design also doing trip to other places which all simple but luxurios. I really love that.

I will see you later in next post. If you have anything to ask, feel free to contact me. Maybe you would like to share anything ? 🙂

My skech at Fatih, Istanbul last year.

Happy Girl,

Mya, 6.06pm, Selangor, Malaysia

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