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A Year to Smile


I’ve been away for a while, today just find time to write. How’s your day so far in 2018? Could you feel anything change? Or you are the who change? 🙂

CHANGE: It is OK, whether you are  a change-maker or you are in different environment.. By the way my area a bit colder for past a few weeks, only the day started bright again I think last 2 days ago, I can see the sun ^^/. Alhamdulillah.  <<Cloudy Day>>,  I’m happy of that case which weather to be more colder and look like I’m in Europe area. =D

EXTRACT: Today just find time to write because I feel to share and to extract whatever in my mind right now. Did you ever feeling something like I feel right now? Something you just feel low a bit and at the same time “you have to move forward” to get whatever you want in life. Which life is non stop. Yes, it is true.

TEST: This month, it is sad news to know that my best freind had car accident. She had operation for her back hips. I hope she is strong and fast recovery. May all good things coming to her way this year. This my wish for her. I believe whatever tests in this world is well planned by The Creator. In shaa Allah

OPTIMIST: Back to my story and sharing, I just want to think good of everything. Whether in my work, study, having family and whole live itself. Sometimes we try hard to get whatever we want in life, but it is not like what we were plan. That’s OK. We might follow the flow and other backup plan which to let us cheer. Be a good one. Think good of others. Having more gratitude everyday.

LEARN & HEAR: I’m myself not that easy when to accept other people opinion or suggestion. I knew this my biggest weakness which I try to listen more and to be more tolerance towards others. We may learn by listening, but to speak? Yes, we can talk, to voice out all our idea to others. Sometimes to listen more, may will give us  “A POINT” which you may never learn and never heard before.

STRENGTH: Inspiration, consistency, discipline, hardworking, strive for the best and whatever you may add the term as  your source for battle of fighting this year, just go for it. Let the world see your smile. 🙂

Good Luck


“See miracles in life everyday”

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