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Why We Should Be Motivated Everyday?

Hi all, I just have some free time to write some notes and points. I am here to keep my blog alive as last post was like a few months ago. So yes, we should be motivated always in everything we do daily anywhere, anything we do. Life is short. Do something meaningful to yourself, to people, maybe simple act of kindness make a bright and colourful day for others.

I usually used my blog to share my point of views of anything, sharing my skills and knowledge to others, sharing my cooking class session, connecting with other people too. Without this blog maybe a bit dull also my day .. hehe.

I have thought to publish a book, like to share on art and design, travel tips, or life motivation I means kind of that topics. Maybe to write a motivation is most my interest this time. Maybe maybe. I hope for it. If I ask you a question, what’s make you happy in life? Would you answer that for me? Like a survey. It is like to give a definition how is happiness depends to individual.. It is just different interpretation depends of people.

Currently I’m still in Kuala Lumpur, teaching interior design here for diploma students. Soon, I will move to my hometown Kelantan, to teach interior design too for degree level students at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK). I’m grateful for the opportunity given by UMK management. I hope that the new place where I will be teaching more fun and enjoyable to me and my colleague too.

To start a new life in new place, quite challenging where you will be learn many aspects such as for accommodation, transportation as I will use public transport and for looking for new friends and connection itself. I hope all will be just good for me there. I am just happy too as UMK is in my hometown Kelantan. 🙂

Last month in August I was in Turkey for a conference (built environment) at Fatih Sultan Mehmet University . It was great experience for me and my good freind of mine, Tira Nasir. I presented about home spatial planning focus of future organisation where it will be more into click and interactive where end user can make a design of home by their interest and selection.

I added photos where I was in Turkey for your views. Until next time, I will write again! Take care and have a good day! Sally 5.14pm/ Reng College / Selangor / Malaysia

Grand Mosque of Bursa, Bursa, Turkey
Grand Mosque of Bursa, Bursa, Turkey
Taksim Square, Taksim , Istanbul

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