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Living Art + Craft: Poster

Hi all, I would like to invite designers to join new event will be organised by SAGALERIA  on 27 March to 29 March 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The event will be about art & craft exhibition, Living + art | Craft 1.0 Exhibition 2019/2020. Designers here specify to artist, writer, homedecorator, inventor, interior designer, architect, product designer, industrial designer, fashion designer, craft maker etc related to art and culture. Theme of the exhibition is “Living the Best Life“. Where the interpretation of this theme depending on individual how you will satisfied a life on what you do or any you could define it. Dateline for designer to submit their artwork/product by 24 March 2020. If you interested to join this event and to showcase your product or services, feel free to email to or reach us by Whatsapp +601128804219 Regards, Sally

Details are as follows for the art exhibition;

1. Eligible Group for Art’s Exhibitor:

Artists, Designers, Photographer, Fashion Designers, Writer, Musician, etc 

2. Artwork, Craft and Materials:

We accept original artwork or digital print. Digital print we can manage from our side for you if there is difficulty to get original artwork.

3. Entrance Fee:

Setting up, managing for showcase and promote online RM 25/ USD6. Online art promote will be remain until the artwork to get sold. Any new artworks you produce will get free promotion in our site. For the artwork sold on our site, we will take 20% commission from the artwork’s price.  Gift and certificate of appreciation will be grant to exhibitor. By the way, the exhibitor can choose for free entrance as below, 

Free Entrance:

We accept free entrance as to encourage more artists and designers to join our  art event. So depends on you to choose to pay the fee or not. We organised this art event as charity event to give people awareness on important of art in our community especially. Free entrance with no gift or certificate will be provided. 

4. Free Promotions:

The artwork will be post to our website  SAGALERIA and iCorum

and in our official social media such as instagram @sag_galleria

5. Theme:

Theme of the art exhibition, “Living The Best Life”, depends on your definitions for it. What is make you happy with? Or any you can consider for the definitions as an artist or anything you could consider. This is just an example. Your creation will relate to the theme. 

6. Venue:

Impian Baiduri Apartment, Seksyen 51a, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

7. Submission Deadline:

24 March 2020

If you are considering to join our art exhibition, kindly to send us email with this details:

1. Name
2. Location Based
3. Artwork/Products list/Price list
4. Images of art, craft or products (jpeg or png file)
5. Artist biography
6. Write a summary art’s meaning  “Living The Best Life” by your points of view not more than 150 words

For your information, this is our first art exhibition to be held. Feel free to join us.

We recommend exhibitor to send us original artwork if capable to, but if cannot that’s fine.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

Thank you for interested to join Living Art + Craft 2019/2020.

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