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Making Sustainable Roof “Atap Rumbia”

Sewing Kelubi’s leaves to bamboo stick.

During Movement Control Order (MCO), my mother and I were making eco roof from available natural material at our village in Kuala Krai. Long time ago, usually people used “atap rumbia” for the roofing. The steps of making the roof (atap Rumbia) is not that difficult. For the steps of making roof, specify as below:

1. To get Kelubi’s leaves (Eleiodoxa Conferta) , collecting many leaves from Kelubi’s plant.

2. In the same time, we have to be ready with a bamboo stick, to be cut into size approximately 1 meter or 1.2meter.

3. For rope, we used “Bemban” plant (Donax Grandis). The name “Bembe” is in Kelantenese dialect. It is strong for rope to be use for leaf’s sewing.

4. We do have all items to be ready before sewing the leaf such as Kelubi’s leaf, Bemban’s rope and bamboo stick, so we can start sewing.

5. To do sewing, we can do sewing by “jelujur ” type of normal sewing of clothes. It is easy. Only it will take more time to sewing as many leaves we will arrange in 1 meter bamboo stick.

6. Once it is done the sewing, we can arrange and store the roof inside the fresh water as to keep a roof sustain for a long time from being eaten from insects.

7. After that, we could do dry it under the sunlight and ready to be used.

Video is showing how to sew the roof by my mother.

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