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Tips on How to Choose a Sustainable Product

Nowadays, the issues of climate change are important topic to talk about. The way we are using electricity at home, choosing what type of product to be used, whether for office or home, it will effect on climate change and carbon footprint in bigger scope. In the current market, we could find many kinds and type of sustainable products for household use. We could buy it online or at the physical store.

Sustainable products refer to an object or a thing designed and created by the designer with specific function that’s made fulfilled with green criteria’s and leads to minimal environmental impact. One of the examples in buying a sustainable product; When we are selecting an electronic product for a household used, we can ask the question in mind, what type of smart lighting but sustainable can we use for living area? It is will occupy more electricity than other products? It is too expensive, but environmentally friendly? The product is cheap, but it is not environmentally friendly? Or maybe the question is the product is affordable, but the status for sustainable level is just average. All of these questions recommended to be asked ourselves before buying any product as for selecting a green product can affect the environment for its used in daily life.

The sustainable products usually made locally or an international product. It is our wish whether to buy a locally produced product or an international standard product as long as its fulfilled green standard. In Malaysia, for green building products, the green and sustainable guideline made and certified by Green Building Index (GBI). It is also recommended when we are designing a building, to use sustainable product such as main building materials are very important in order to have an environmentally friendly building.

The benefits of eco-design stated in the Figure 1.

These examples below some green product that’s we can use in our daily life and for building construction:

Laminate Flooring: V-Groove Series

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