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The Sagaleria Studio operates as the creative centre for a group of businesses set up to implement concepts in a variety of scales and situations.


Salmiah Aziz, who is based in Bachok, pursues a position that is fluid between the disciplines of architecture, sculpture, invention, and design. Her study focuses on investigating the inherent mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of materials as well as investigating light as a medium and bio element in design. 


Sally started her blog in 2012 as she began her studies for a degree in interior architecture, and in July 2022 the blog was modified into a website. Currently she is doing PhD with her research proposal title; Best Practices of Building Energy Efficiency via Smart System and Renewable Energy in Malaysia targeted to finish it by December 2023. She is into art, design and engineering.

This blog is a medium to share her thoughts on art and design.

She aimed to be an architect from young age. Unfortunately, the way for architecture it is not easy as she think as she first offered with interior design. She believed that to study interior design as first trial before to study architecture. Sept 2014, UiTM Perak offered her to study Green Architecture. This is gateway to her to explore building design. She may have changed her perspective on design as a whole through the long process of studying art and design, which led her to discover her passion for art and design outside of architecture.

She is passionate about geometry, nature and abstract art.

She currently leads Sagaleria Studio, which specialises in furniture, interior design, green technology, and building. In addition, she participates in local entrepreneur events in Malaysia and actively organises events. She spends the excessive amounts of time on research and development (R&D) and is interested in crafts like Ikebana, a Japanese philosophy for flower arrangement in an indoor botanical space at iGarden Berries and explore experimental bio material at Saga Lab.

She is interested in conceptual art, graphic design, interior and green architectural design if you want to collaborate or do business with.

You can contact her by email or phone or follow her on her social media accounts, which are shared on the website, to stay in touch. Happy designing! 

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